About Us

The name, Four Suns Jewelry, was born out of a mother's love for her four sons. Victoria has been making jewelry on-and-off over the last 30 years. Once, inspired to go to art school for jewelry making, life took her on a different path for school. Victoria first came to, and lived on O'ahu, when visiting her father as a toddler, although she mainly grew up in California, O'ahu had made its impression on her. Over the years, Victoria would come back to the Hawaiian islands to visit friends and family almost annually, and it always felt like "home". She always dreamed of being married on the white sand beaches of the east side of the island and when she had the chance, she was able to have her dream wedding on the beach with toes in the sand.

Years later, after finally seeing his daughter graduate with her PhD, Victoria's father fell victim to cancer. But, in the months before he passed, he urged Victoria to move to her paradise to live the life she imagined. He urged her to bring her family of fish to this beautiful place surrounded by the seas.

In his final days, Victoria's father gifted her with one of the very first jewelry items she ever made - a sterling silver monogram keychain that she made for him in her high school jewelry class. This gift, which now resides on her keychain along with other symbols of her identity, inspired her to return to jewelry making. She hopes that her inspirations from the ocean and islands bring you joy, happiness, and a little piece of aloha, wherever you may be. 

Victoria's father's keychain